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Published: 01st February 2011
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Previous Ink jet Printing ink is only one solution, that is water-based ink. It is our only choice. But with the market Digital Printing Growing plant, is now available for our choice of ink system also diversified development trend. Jeff? Bolton author, "Recent Trends in digital ink" to help buyers of printing, each ink system, the strengths and weaknesses and to understand the characteristics of these ink systems, digital ink to identify the core of the current trend.

Every printing enterprise has its own development goals, and they still have to consider the future development of the market changes, to use existing technology to meet current customer's production requirements. Therefore, in many cases, ink?? Not the printing itself?? Encourage people to make decisions has become an important factor.

Water-based ink is used to print more and more Indian enterprises indoor living conditions

Water-based inks are generally based dye and pigment formulations. Their life a few days to a month in between, and need a special inkjet coating substrates used in conjunction. This is mainly by coating substrates to absorb ink, so expensive, but the price of water-based ink is relatively cheap and there is no follow-up to deal with problems. Water-based ink's color gamut can be copied almost all of the largest ink system. Now, a growing number of water-based printing company began printing solutions to produce their own pieces of the indoor living.

Solvent ink jet printing market is the most used ink system

Solvent-based ink to the printer is mainly through infiltration of surface to coloring. They are mainly developed for the ethylene product, and is the most used ink-jet printing ink market system. Solvent-based ink can be coated in case of need to provide users with longer life, but they are in the printing and drying process to be heated. True solvent-based inks that contain VOC (volatile organic compounds), and printing required to take measures for ventilation and other air treatment. Overall, in addition to some of the more stringent air quality requirements outside the field, solvent-based inks are still very optimistic about sales prospects. Environmental protection or low-solvent ink

cheap and non-VOC, eliminating the need for air-handling problems Environmental protection or low-solvent ink

can be used in the coating or coated substrate. When they are printed on coated substrates, they can control their own network expansion; and when they are in non-coated substrates, when printing, you need to rely on heater / dryer to control dot gain. Environmental protection or low-solvent ink solvent ink than the real cheap, and non-VOC, eliminating the need for air-handling trouble. The life of this ink and solvent-based inks are similar, the user can be coated to extend their durability.

Ecological areas of digital printing inks in a new world of their own

Use of eco-ethyl ink so far is a new technology, and its raw materials mainly from corn and other crops. Eco-ink printing when the heater and the dryer set to a higher temperature, the use of solvent extracted from plants, not petroleum solvents, so that ink is the people within the context of green products. If the UV ink is not listed in the ecosystem before it will be defeated, then it will certainly break in the digital printing area to a world of their own.

Sublimation ink printed in a small minority continue to grow market

Printing for textiles and clothing, the sublimation ink is a good choice. The basic ink technology in recent years, nothing has changed. People using this ink, the first to a transfer paper to print them, and then re-heated and pressurized by means of the ink from a solid into a gas, and its penetration into textile fibers. As the minority printing market continues to heat up, so sublimation ink usage will continue to grow.

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