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Published: 01st February 2011
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China's existing and new printing equipment purchased with automatic control technology needed to overcome remaining dyeing process color, shrinkage and other major issues affecting the quality of pass rate and improve the overall Chinese Textile Industry level.

Recent years, the domestic printing and dyeing fabric dyeing and finishing industry in improving the quality of many varieties of small batch processing and rapid market response capability has made great progress, but imports than exports, the average unit price is still higher than the 37.5% export growth still dependent on low labor costs, product still mainly middle and low. To obtain high-quality, high grade, high performance, high value-added and green products, we need to accelerate the application of high technology, increase in the dyeing and finishing equipment, electrical integration.

New weft technique Knitted or woven fabrics in the textile dyeing and finishing process, often have skew, isolated ramp, take oblique, oblique stripe passing rate of the serious impact of product quality problems, can not meet the Grade A skew less than 3.5% standards, even lower than the actual trade customers frequently raised skew requirements below 2%. To meet market demands, we need to apply the key processing equipment to ensure compliance of finished product skew weft technique. CITME2004 exhibited Germany SHIMANO (Mahlo) RFMC-12 type automatic weft Ou Tema regulator, the automatic weft technology onto a new level.

SHIMANO OrthomatRFMC Existing Manor RFMC-10A model has been designed with a unique detection system: detection of the first built in the inching motor, back and forth regularly scan to detect a wide range of fabric skew conditions; each detection probe configuration digital signal processor (DPS), real-time analysis to detect accurately the weft signal to substantially increase the detection efficiency; detect head / cast light device location Ke Yi width automatically adjusted; cast light source device using LED technology, high stability , long life, light output of each vote independently and automatically adjusts the brightness; with transmission and reflection of two light sources, suitable for all kinds of fabric thickness; correction system uses advanced continuously variable hydraulic system, operation and display system uses a 15 "TFT color touch screen and industrial computer, equipped with human HMI Operating system, all major operating procedures tailor icon Signage, supplemented by voice output capabilities make operation easier; a pre-set function, prevention of fabric by the weft after the external force generated by the skew or the arc of skew ; machine self-diagnosis and display abnormal message.

RFMC-12 type in RFMC-10-type detection part based on a completely new design, more durable lens shock; probe head with measuring skewness and weft density / number of knitting the double function of coil; can be applied "Automatic feature" is automatically set filters; to probe mobile devices to improve the dentate belt automatic transfer digital device, no maintenance; fabric tension roller by pressure pre-set tension control, high sensitivity, small sway; new Operating side dish to make maintenance easier; all systems can be added directly stenter setting time control machine, a cloth measuring humidity control, humidity control, emission control system modules, to reduce the cost of using these systems. RFMC-12 type automatic weft regulator suitable for almost any fabric, dyeing orders increased processing capacity.

Unique 3D computer detection and matching system

Make out color printing process meet the customer specified color printing process of projects like that, it is also difficult to resolve long-standing issue. A new printing and dyeing cloth orders sought, first rapidly reproducing laboratory sample, and then to complete the small samples to large samples up to mass production of products that meet customer requirements. In this process, because the rate of repair color problems smaller, lower cost of production, and the faster delivery.

Computer detection and matching system has been in the country to a certain degree of application, because the computer matching system can be quickly measured to provide a reasonable formula, thereby reducing printing costs; can predict the color change under different light levels in order to avoid different light source changes in product failure caused the problem; to quickly calculate the correction formula to improve the efficiency of the color; commitment to conduct a scientific formula file Management.

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